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Why Play for the Storm?

The Connecticut Storm baseball program was started with the goal to help players take their game to the next level by providing better instruction, training, competition, as well as the necessary structure and discipline it takes to be a baseball player.

The program also strives to teach our players life lessons that they will use both on and off the field. Unlike many other programs in the state, our FIRST priority is the development of our players as both people and athletes.

While the program strives to be as competitive as possible, we don’t place winning ahead of player development. Our program has a proven track record in helping players take their game to the next level, whether that level is middle school, high school, college, or professional ball.

Every year players that have come through the Connecticut Storm program go on to play at the college level. In fact, we have helped over 40+ players go on to play in college.

The Connecticut Storm baseball program provides instruction and training that is second to none. Our coaching staff devotes a great deal of time to practicing skills, as well as teaching our players what they need to do to properly train.

Unfortunately, most players do not receive the instruction they need, nor do they learn the proper approach to training by playing in their local town leagues. As a result, sometimes good players will “sell themselves short” and never reach their full potential.

Our program offers training year round for our players through the use of The Strike Zone baseball and softball training facility, and every Connecticut Storm player receives a membership to the facility for the duration of the season. The membership allows the player the ability to use any part of the facility (batting cages, hitting training area, defensive/pitching area) free of charge. No other program in the state offers a membership of this kind.

So, why play for the Connecticut Storm program?

*We provide the best instruction/training in the state

*Learn what it’s like to be part of a disciplined/structured program

*Learn life lessons that can be used both on and off the field

*Play better competition

*Membership to The Strike Zone for the duration of the season

*Opportunity to meet other players from outside your area

*Learn what it’s like to be part of a “real” team

*Get honest feedback as to your development and progress on a daily basis

*Experience playing out-of-state teams and see how you compare to players around the country

*Take your game to the next level!