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Plans to Re-Structure CT Storm Program

The Strike Zone has announced plans to re-structure The Connecticut Storm Baseball Program beginning in the spring. Tentative plans include having two levels of teams within the program. There will be “developmental” teams and “elite” teams at each age division.

The developmental teams will consist of players who are either not ready to play on the elite team at their age division, or do not want to make the committment from both a time and/or financial stand-point to play on the elite team.

These teams will play less games, play a less competitive schedule, and will be considerably less in cost. The developmental teams will be designed to provide the players with the necessary instruction and training that they may not be offered in their local leagues.

In addition, the goal will be to develop them to play on our elite team in the future. The game schedule for these teams will consist of league play, games outside the league, and tournaments.

The elite teams will consist of the top players in the program at each age division. There will be competition for roster spots, and the selected players will be expected to make a full committment to the program.

The elite teams will play considerably more games, and will play at a higher competition level. The mental and physical discipline required from our elite players will be much higher than what they may be used to in their previous baseball experiences.

The goal with both our developmental and elite teams will be to teach the players what they need to do to go on and play at the next level of the game (whether middle school, high school, college etc.).

In addition, we strive to teach our players how to be independent, hard working, responsible, and respectful people. Ultimately, we want to teach them to have fun playing the game the right way as well.

At the present time we are still in the process of determining the finite number of games, as well as the cost of the developmental and elite teams. Please stay tuned for more information.